Our philosophy

We sell spirulina as a dietary supplement because it has highly beneficial effects on the physical body… and when we feel good physically, all the rest follows.

The fast pace of life in our modern society highlights a need for harmony and balance that we are all seeking.

Our planet has been blessed with this wonder plant since the dawn of time, a plant that helped transform the Earth’s atmosphere so it could support life as we know it.

What would we do without oxygen?

That is why we have chosen to sell spirulina at a very affordable price, so that everyone can bring harmony and balance to their bodies. We have made the quality of our spirulina our prime focus and our packaging is fully recyclable.

We are also organic market gardeners using animal traction and currently sell our produce at four local markets in the Aude – Carcassonne, Limoux, Espéraza and Fa.

We sell our vegetables locally, making quality our primary concern. We are not looking to make a profit at any price; we aim to offer quality at a reasonable price so that, in today’s absurdly expensive society, we can all put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.